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We understand how many households are impacted by the cost of living crisis.  That’s why our energy is even cheaper than the Government's Energy Price Guarantee, saving you up to £125.  

Get £50 with a free upgrade to smart

Forget about submitting meter readings and take control of your energy costs. Get a free smart meter upgrade so you can understand your usage and take steps to save money.

We offer free smart upgrades and new UW customers can get £50 off their bill too. 

Take control with Pay As You Go energy

Choose to pay in advance with a smart prepayment meter. It’s now easier than ever. 

Top up from home (or anywhere) in minutes. Easily see your remaining balance, and how much energy you’ve used, on a free in-home smart meter display. And set budgets and alerts, so you never run out of credit. 

Helping more customers go green

All customers with three or more services can benefit from 100% renewable electricity. It’s a small but important step towards reducing our impact on the planet.

What’s more, we’ll plant a tree in your name.

Image by Damian Barczak
  • Does unlimited data really mean unlimited?
    Yep, it really does. Unlimited data means no data caps when you use your SIM in a mobile phone in the UK. Just keep in mind that our fair use policy does apply – and when roaming in Europe, your data is capped at 14GB each month.
  • How does a SIM only deal work?
    A SIM only deal gives you data, minutes and texts for a monthly cost. The difference, however, is that you don't get a new phone – you get the SIM, and just the SIM.
  • Can I use my own phone when I join UW?
    Of course. You can use our SIMs with any unlocked handset or, as we work with EE, any phone on the EE network too.
  • Can I keep my phone number when I join UW?
    Yep, simply contact your previous network provider or text 'PAC' to 65075 to get a code which will allow you to bring your current number over to your new SIM. This won’t disrupt your service either.
  • What network does UW use?
    We work with the EE Network to ensure broad coverage and signal strength across the country.
  • Do UW support eSIMs?
    We don't currently offer eSIMs, but are always looking for different ways we can support our customers so it is something we may look to offer in the future.
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